About inovell.io

Inovell.io is a multilingual project (in French and English to start with) dedicated to explaining the current environmental crisis in an accessible way, with a scientific outlook and analyse and discuss existing solutions.

The project was born from the observation that scientific concepts linked to the environment are still too often misunderstood. Notions such as “natural” or “chemical” are still not clear and wrongly used. Our objective is to equip our readers with the necessary tools to understand current themes and show a preview of what scientific innovation has to offer to solve such crises – using reliable newspapers and peer-reviewed scientific articles.

We do not claim to bring definitive answers to current questions. More the opposite: we want to bring up relevant questions and bring tools to enable each reader to build their own opinion in an independent manner.

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Who are we?

We are two science, technology and innovation geeks. Also environmentalists, we want to show the world that innovation can bring solutions to current environmental issues.

Irène Arrata

Irène is passionate about public engagement and innovation. She studied chemistry in Strasbourg, where she obtained the Engineering Degree from ECPM and a Master in Molecular and Supramolecular Chemistry from the University Louis Pasteur. She obtained her PhD in Chemical Biology from the University of Leeds in 2017 and currently works for Driad, as a consultant.

Vivien Badaut

Vivien is passionate about innovations and technologies. Since 2013, he is the founder and CEO of Driad, a European research consultancy specialised in innovative startups. He has a Master’s Degree and a PhD in Nuclear Chemistry from University of Paris XI Orsay (2010) and worked as a researcher in France (CEA, Paris XI), in Germany (ITU, Karlsruhe) and in Japan (RIKEN, Wako).